Geographically Bhutan straddles between China to the north and India to the south, and within a short range of some 200kms you can experience the tropical heat in southern foothills and alpine cold in the northern snow capped mountains Lying in between are the rolling hills adorned with a wide variety of flora, which are home to diversity of fauna.




Bhutan, commonly known as DrukYul the land of Thunder Dragon is a tiny Himalayan kingdom.

With pristine environment well preserved culture and tradition, it is often called as Land of Gross National Happiness not because all the Bhutanese are happy but because the development in Bhutan is based on the GNH paradigm unlike the destructive economic development models. Buddhism is the doctrine which majority of the people follow and compassion is stepped deep into the nerves of the Bhutanese, and with the Buddhist king so benevolent, dynamic and philanthropic, Bhutan is the last Buddhist Kingdom. With all these unique characters, Bhutan is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world today having ranked the second top travel destinations in the world by Wanderlust an internationally recognized travel magazine based in the United Kingdom 4B tours and treks, meaning four brothers is a licensed Bhutanese tour operator based in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan.

Founded by a freelance traveler, who has a good experience in trekking especially in Northern Bhutan, today the 4B team comprises of seasoned travel professionals to guide our valued visitors to the most spectacular sites in our country We are linked to the experienced tour guides who have deep insights for our culture and tradition, country’s flora and fauna, and of course they are linguistics We also are well equipped with all the basic facilities and infrastructures so we are committed to providing quality Bhutan travel services like most comfortable lodges, best tour vehicles, knowledgeable and dedicated tour leaders.




A trek in Bhutan can be anything from a three day leisurely walk around a valley, to the arduous 25 days Snowman trek, taking one well above the snow-line into Bhutan’s most remote high altitude settled region of Lunana. Trekking will provide a great opportunity to experience and explore real Bhutan.


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