Every trip has a set of Essential Trip Information, accessible on our website, that gives you in-depth information about all aspects of your trip. To access your Essential Trip Information, please visit your trip’s specific facts page on our website. The Essential Trip Information are accessible at the top of this page
Although Travel Insurance is an optional choice we strongly suggest you purchase it to protect your investment in fun. Travel Protection is there when your travel plans hit a snag. It’s total peace of mind, whether you’re dealing with common baggage mishaps or emergency medical evacuations and trip cancellations. When you travel, things happen. They just do. Here are some situations that really happen. And when they do, you’ll be quite happy we have your back
Single room : You can book pre and post accommodation on a single basis; however, throughout your Intrepid trip, rooming is organised on a twin-share basis. Some trips do have a single supplement available – check a trip’s overview page on our website, or their Essential Trip Information, to see whether a single supplement is offered. If so, please request this at the time of booking. Triple room : Depending on the trip style you choose, your trips are organised on a twin, triple or multishare basis. As our bookings are made well in advance, individual room requests can’t be guaranteed.
What type of luggage do you recommend I take? On most Intrepid trips you will be required to carry your own luggage, sometimes up stairs and on and off transport. We therefore recommend you travel with a backpack. Can I store excess luggage at the starting point hotel? Most starting point hotels can store your excess luggage for you; however, this is at your own risk. Often a nominal fee is charged for this service. Of course, this is only an advantage if your trip is circular (i.e. returning to the same starting point) Do I need to bring a sleeping bag? We only have a handful of itineraries where sleeping bags are required and these are generally trips that involve camping. When we use homestays, blankets are provided but some travellers feel more comfortable with their own sleeping bag or sleep sheet. This decision is a personal preference. Refer to your Essential Trip Information if you are unsure whether a sleeping bag is required What clothes and footwear should I take on treks? On a more physical trip, hiking boots are definitely recommended. If the physical rating is under 3, hiking boots or sneakers/runners will be adequate. Many Intrepid treks will be hiking in near freezing environments so please be sure to research the climate and weather conditions at the time of year you will be trekking and pack accordingly. There is also a packing 'checklist' in your Essential Trip Information. What essential documents do I need to take? It’s important that you always travel with your current passport, visas, travel insurance and Intrepid documentation.
How do I find out about the visa requirements for the trip I am interested in? While we do include information in our Essential Trip Information about visa requirements, we always recommend that passengers check with their local embassy as visa rules can change without warning. Embassy websites in your home country will always have information about requirements, visa costs and will provide the required forms. If you are uncomfortable with the visa process, you can visit a travel agent who can arrange these for you at a cost. How do I organise my Visa? Please contact the relevant local embassy, or visit a travel agent, to organise your visa Do you help with Visas? Intrepid can’t assist in the actual application of visas, but you can do this through the embassy or with the support of a travel agent. My application says I need a letter of invitation or other supporting documentation, do you provide these? The ‘visa section’ of you Essential Trip Information will include information about what you need to send to us (scanned passports, employment letters etc..).
If it moves there’s a good chance you’ll be riding on it. The type of transport used depends on your trip style. Find out more or see your Essential Trip Information for the specific type of transportation used on your journey.
At your welcome meeting, ask your leader about the local custom and advice on how much is recommended at restaurants or with local guides. At the end of your trip, if you're happy with the service you received, providing a tip for the leader - though not compulsory - is appropriate. While it may not be customary to you, it's of great significance to the people who will take care of you during your travels, inspires excellent service, and is an entrenched feature of the tourism industry across many Intrepid destinations.
What happens to my money when I pay for my trip? When Intrepid receives money from either you or from your travel agent, the funds are deposited into a Client Trust Account. The money stays in this account until the day of departure of your trip. Why? So that in the unlikely event of Intrepid ever going broke, your money is still safe and you would get it back in full. Intrepid's Client Trust Account is independently audited every year. Failure to meet financial criteria reflecting the financial viability of a travel agent results in revocation of the agent's licence to trade. Intrepid are licensed under these arrangements. Is my travel agent financially secure? It is an unfortunate fact that travel agents do go broke from time to time. If you are using a travel agent, it is your responsibility to ensure that the agent is financially sound. This is important as the agent may hold your money before sending it to us for your trip. Should that agency go broke before we have received your money, then it may be lost. Different countries have different levels of legislation, licences, bonds, trust accounts and/or insurance schemes to protect you. These vary greatly from country to country and some countries have no such protection at all. Please research this carefully to make sure the money you are paying is secure. Where there are no protection systems in your country, at least look at how long the business has been trading, ask others about their reputation and seek independent advice on reputable travel agencies.
A guaranteed departure means that there is no minimum number of bookings required on a trip for it to run. So, if you book an Intrepid trip that is a guaranteed departure, you’ll definitely be heading off on the adventure of a lifetime.
LemonSeven's travel acitvities is designed specifically for individuals with no prior experience. Our easy to understand online training materials guide you step by step through the entire process. The Travel Website Program is an easy and cost-effective way to start your travel business. Earn 100% of the commissions selling travel exclusively online with the professionally built travel website we create, maintain and host for you. The Advantage Program offers you the opportunity to operate a full service travel agency and book directly with all travel suppliers.
When you make a travel reservation you will receive a commission. Travel agencies receive commissions from travel suppliers whenever they sell travel. Travel suppliers includes airlines, hotels, rental car companies, cruise lines, tour operators as well as other companies.
We will PR your business with reduced rate business coupons and other marketing materials such as logo design and email marketing. Online training videos are included in our Advantage Program and show you how easy it is to get clients. Start easy with your friends, relatives, business associates, neighbors and other organizations. Will I be able to provide low fares to my clients? Absolutely! You will have access to great low fares offered by the leading travel suppliers.
You can make your reservations online through the travel website we build for you which provides you with up to the minute low fares and availability for airlines, hotels, rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and more. Members of our Advantage Program can also make reservations by phone with the travel suppliers or online through the reservations system. We provide you with step by step instructions for making reservations.
Yes. Your clients can plan and book their own travel reservations directly from your Travel Website 24/7. You earn 100% of the commissions on all of the bookings made on your travel website. The travel website is optional in our Advantage Program. You can add it at any time if you like. The travel website is required in our Travel Website Program.
Members of our Advantage Program are able to receive free online color brochures as well as other promotional materials from travel suppliers.There are no annual renewal fees for either of our programs.
You can modify or cancel reservation by opening the appropriate booking. In case of any trouble or assistance required, please feel free to contact our local sales and operation Team.
The email might have gone to your spam folder.
Possibilities: 1.Number / expiration date is incorrect; 2.Your issued bank blocks the card for internet usage for security reasons; 3.Not enough credit or over usage of balance...
You can simply provide your clients with your agent I.D. number and they can call us directly; or, Call the agency and they will assist you with your clients' travel needs; or, You can book directly with suppliers (cruises, tours, hotels and cars) following the procedures outlined in your Agent Membership Manual. All network agents have access to our portal, localhost where you can access various reservation systems and book directly online.
You will have access to our agent portal as well as weekly emails and a wealth of information provided in travel agent periodicals.
There are no mandatory monthly or annual fees. The only additional fee is a $19.00 fee to cover administrative costs to update your paperwork and files upon your annual renewal.
Your Travel Expert will send this to you via email.
Different tours have different physical ratings so please get in touch with your local Travel Expert for more information.